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For years our target market was professional athletes.Over 750+ NFL players, PGA players, Dwayne Wade, Shaq, the Braves, Cubs, Dodgers, etc. are all private clients who have paid $20-30k to benefit from our technology. Now we can offer this technology to you. Warm up, recover, grow stronger, become more flexible and defined. FLEXDOCTOR can help you become the athlete, weightlifter, or fitness buff you have always wanted to be.


FLEXDOCTOR triggers your muscles to work exponentially harder than they normally ever would. When you work out you get small micro tears in your muscles, when they heal themselves they create new tissue which is why your muscles get larger. FLEXDOCTOR does this extremely fast. You can get stronger by sitting on the couch with it or you can amp up your workout by adding it into your exercise routine.

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During exercise muscles build up lactic acid.
FLEXDOCTOR pushes blood flow into the muscle, increases neurotransmission to the nerves around the muscle, and flushes out toxins such as lactic acid. This lessens soreness and speeds recovery.


FLEXDOCTOR aides in flexibility training by putting your body in its parasympathetic dominant state which allows the muscle to relax and lengthen from a neurological standpoint. Your brain is telling your muscles to lengthen instead of you physically pulling on them trying to ask them to stretch. Your chance of injury is lessened because you are no longer pulling on contracted muscles or tendons and ligaments.



FLEXDOCTOR has been used in the Professional Golf world for years to help golfers become more flexible so they can hit the ball faster and farther. It has be proven in a study we conducted that players consistently hit the ball 20-25 yards farther and averaged a 5-8 mile per hour increase in speed after loosening their lower backs and hamstrings. Golfers love using FLEXDOCTOR to recover from their round so they can go play again the next day with ease and comfort.


Our technology has been used by elite athletes, models, and high profile doctors in Los Angeles for 25 years. Now it's available to you.


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The athletes I have worked with using FlexDoctor have had outstanding results. The unique waveform and simple protocols combine to deliver great results!

- Dave Walton, Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Colts

Flex Doctor has worked tremendously in helping get my players back to full recovery. From acute to chronic application it has been one of our modalities of choice. It offers a wide range of treatments that benefits our athletes.

- Jasen Powell, Head Trainer for LA Clippers

The success of the Flex Doctor has changed my entire outlook on the rehabilitation process and calls into serious question the validity of Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation as the only available tools to recover from injury.

- Jody Gerut, Pittsburgh Pirates MLB