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Who should use FlexDoctor?  

FlexDoctor is ideal for people who are looking for non-invasive pain relief. This can include injuries, acute pain, or chronic pain. FlexDoctor is also capable of increasing flexibility and extending range of motion. 

Who cannot use FlexDoctor?  

Pregnant women cannot use FlexDoctor. People who have a pacemaker, ICD, or any other electrical implanted device cannot use FlexDoctor. FlexDoctor cannot be used over known cancers.

How exactly does FlexDoctor work?

FlexDoctor delivers a compound double exponential wave form. On a low setting the electrical impulse produces a tingling feeling and assists you in becoming more flexible in order to relieve muscular pain. The secondary pulse is the neurological wave form which is working in the background with your nervous system. 

Is FlexDoctor safe?

FlexDoctor is a Class II FDA cleared OTC device and is safe as long as it is used as intended. FlexDoctor is a nonsurgical, scientifically proven device designed to relieve acute and chronic pain. 

Where do I find the instructions for loosening and conditioning my muscles to relieve pain?  

You will receive an instruction booklet in your FlexDoctor box. Also, once you receive your device you will be prompted to go to the registration page. You will enter your serial number and be given a login to our FlexDoctor consumer portal. There you will also find the instructions.

What if I can't do the movements describe in the instructions?

If you cannot fully do the movements described in the instructions, do it to the best of your ability without pain while keeping in proper form.

How often should I use FlexDoctor? 

This depends on your injury or pain. Contact are service number to discuss your pain with one of our doctors to determine how often you should conduct FlexDoctor treatments. 

What does FlexDoctor feel like?  

You are likely to feel a tingling sensation depending on the power level at which your FlexDoctor is set.  These sensations do not cause pain or discomfort. FlexDoctor allows you to adjust the intensity so you are always comfortable.

If you engage MAIN PULSE suspend, you are likely to feel nothing at all. DO NOT suspend the MAIN PULSE, turn up the power, and then engage the MAIN PULSE again while the power is high.

Can I use FlexDoctor when it is charging? 

No. You must have the unit charged in order to use it.

Does FlexDoctor have any side effects?  

You may experience soreness if you use FlexDoctor at high intensity. You may feel your muscles contracting if you use FlexDoctor at high intensity. Neither of these are dangerous.

Electrodes may cause redness on sensitive skin which normally fades shortly after use. You are more likely to receive adverse effects from electrodes if they are not placed properly or if the electrodes are too old. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist. Do not use low quality electrodes.

What if my FlexDoctor does not power on?  

Please ensure you are holding the power button for at least three seconds. If the unit does not power on after that, the battery is likely discharged. Please charge the battery.

What if the sensation from the electrodes is intermittent? 

This likely means that there is a loose cable. Check to make sure the cable is fully inserted into FlexDoctor as well as both electrodes. 

What happens if FlexDoctor shuts off while I am using it?  

The battery is likely discharged. Plug FlexDoctor into the charger. 

How do I care for my electrodes? 

To care for your electrodes, use them as intended. Make sure you put them back on the protective liner after each use and place them back in their bag.  Avoid using them on oily skin. Avoid storing them in a warm, humid space. When the gel on the electrode starts to wear off it is time to replace them. Electrodes typically last for around 20 uses. 

What should I do if my electrodes lose their stickiness? 

If the electrodes begin losing adhesion, gently rubbing one or two drops of water onto gel surface may extend usage. If not, replace with new electrodes. Do not use low quality electrodes.

Where do I place the electrodes?  

You will receive hard copy of detailed instructions for how and where to place your electrodes. If you have any further questions about electrode placement, you may reach out to us. 

How high should I turn the power?  

If you are using FlexDoctor to increase your flexibility or relieve pain, do not turn the power above first sensation. First sensation is the point where you first feel the tingles. 

Power tolerance levels will vary from person to person. The point at which one person feels first sensation has the potential to be vastly different from the point at which another person feels the first sensation. 


Feel free to reach out to us with any further questions! We want you to be thrilled with your investment in FlexDoctor and experience lasting pain relief.