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Transform your body into the masterpiece you have always dreamed of. Tighten and tone targeted muscle groups to give you the benefits of working out without going to the gym. Get the buttlift, breast lift, knee lift, arm lift, or the 6 pack abs you have always wanted. Grow stubborn muscles that are hard to define. FLEXDOCTOR is cutting edge technology that can help you MAKE YOUR MASTERPIECE.

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Redefining Results 

FLEXDOCTOR is a handheld powered muscle stimulator that assists with muscle training to improve the strengthening of healthy muscles. When muscle strength increases the results are lifting and tightening to sculpt the muscle you choose to target. FLEXDOCTOR is ideal for people wanting to enhance muscle tone to quickly launch their bodies toning potential.


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Our technology has been used by elite athletes, models, and high profile doctors in Los Angeles for 25 years. Now it's available to you.


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.I am beyond impressed by what this has done for me. They call it Flex "Doctor" for a reason, it is medical grade treatment. I can now say I love my body and my body loves me back, thanks to FLEXDOCTOR.

- Mollie 

I have been trying for years to get the body FLEXDOCTOR has given me in less than six months. I am blown away. I go to the gym maybe have as much with double the results. And because I own it I have been able to maintain my shape. 

- Melina

The Flex Doctor has been such a blessing to me and my family. I am comfortable in my own skin. I am proud of my body. My family is healthy. Thank you FLEXDOCTOR.

- Praijah