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How Flexibility is a Key Component in Golf

How Flexibility is a Key Component in Golf

One of the most vital components of a killer golf swing is flexibility in both the joints and muscles. If a golfer is lacking in flexibility, their ability to draw their club on an accurate swing path may be hindered, thus forcing them to compensate elsewhere to counteract their physical limitations. To get right down to it, a golfer who doesn’t strive to improve their flexibility stunts the growth and development of their swing and their overall golf game.

While golf may not seem like a physically demanding sport at first glance, it is a highly athletic sport that requires the perfect balance of strength, coordination, skill, and especially flexibility. If a golfer’s flexibility is poor, the chances of injury and discomfort increase tenfold. The most common injuries associated with poor flexibility in golfers afflict the neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, and ankles. Experiencing an injury in any of these areas is a round-ending scenario. 

By improving your flexibility, both your body and your game are subject to a myriad of benefits including improved neuromuscular coordination, circulation, and blood flow, lessened back pain, and improved posture and balance. You may also experience improved drive, power, and accuracy when you’re out on the course. 

You can improve your flexibility by stretching regularly and with the Flex Doctor. When you stretch, one muscle contracts and the opposite muscle lengthens. If your muscles are unable to lengthen on their own, you may figure that you are simply not flexible. Cue the Flex Doctor. The Flex Doctor is an innovative device that works to improve your flexibility by teaching your body how to properly release your muscles, which may allow you to lengthen your muscles to bend, twist, and reach higher. Learn more about the Flex Doctor here and give your game a little boost!