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4 Stretches Every Golfer Needs to Use

4 Stretches Every Golfer Needs to Use

Athletes of all levels stretch to protect themselves from injury and to prepare themselves for physical activity. While stretching of any form is beneficial for anybody, there are five particular stretches that we recommend golfers get in the habit of using on and off the course.


1. Shoulder Stretch

    The shoulder stretch improves the range of motion in your shoulder joint by opening up your shoulders. This stretch is great for keeping your swing on par with the pros. 


    While hooked up to the Flex Doctor as described in the shoulder loosening instructions, begin by holding your golf club in front of you with your hands gripping the opposite ends of the club. Then, with your elbows extended, lift the club up and over your head and move your hands backward until you feel a tolerable amount of tension in the front of your shoulders. You should strive the have your arms behind your ears. Doing this with velocity five times in a row while using the Flex Doctor will have you ready to go. 


    2. Hamstring Stretch

      Prep your legs for an 18-hole trek or release tension with this classic hamstring stretch. 


      Stand straight up and place your hands on your quads. Then, bend forward by using your hip flexors to push your glutes backwards. Your hands should automatically slide down your legs. The goal is to have your palms touching the ground each time. To come back up squeeze your glutes together and thrust your hip flexors forward. Do this movement five times with force while using the Flex Doctor as described in the hamstring loosening instructions. 


      3. Standing Quad Stretch

      Maintain your quads to keep your balance on point with this stress-relieving stretch before or after your round.


      For this stretch you'll need something sturdy to hold onto. Once you have found a safe place that can support your weight, stand facing it with your feet about 6 to 8 inches apart and toes pointing straight ahead. Grab a hold of the object and pull your glutes downwards so you're in a seated position. You need to make sure your back is straight and your knees are directly over your ankles forming a perfect right angle. To come back up, squeeze your glutes. Repeat this four more times, quickly, while using the Flex Doctor as described in the quad loosening instructions. 


      4. Hip Flexor Stretch

      Next time you visit the driving range, try this leg, hip, and trunk targeting stretch out to eliminate discomfort when you swing.


      Start standing straight up at military position. Once again, your feet are going to be about 6 to 8 inches apart. All you do here is lift your knee up until your thigh is parallel to the ground. Keep your foot flexed so you have a right angle between your foot and shin and along with the right angle that forms between your upper calf and lower hamstring. Place your leg back down and repeat with the other leg. Five times on each side using the Flex Doctor as directed in the hip flexor instructions. You won't be disappointed.