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More of the Life You Want to Live
Medical Technology

Instantly lengthen your muscles to reduce your chance of injury.


Neurologically tune your muscles for peak performance.


Recover quickly and reduce pain with world class technology.

Neuromuscular Stimulation

Unleash the FlexDoctor to improve all aspects of your life. You can return to the life which brings you the most joy.

Lengthen Muscles

When you integrate the FlexDoctor into your daily routine, you will drastically decrease your chance of injury and simultaneously increase your athletic performance.

Speed Recovery

Instantly lengthen your muscles and speed recovery. Your life was meant to be lived. Get the most out of it.

"Thank you FlexDoctor! FlexDoctor is my secret weapon!"

The FlexDoctor... Gives You More

Conductive neurostimulation electrodes provide the best in flexibility and conformity to ensure optimal current distribution.
  • Electrode Pads

    FlexDoctor's Gel Pads provide electrical stimulus to the nervous system.

  • Battery

    The FlexDoctor is able to last up to 10 hours on a single charge.

  • FDA-Cleared

    FlexDoctor's innovative technology is patented and cleared by the FDA. It is a safe and painless way to improve your wellbeing.

  • Instructions

    The FlexDoctor comes with instructions for electrode pad placement and exercises to give you more of the life you want.

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